Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Welcome to our class blog

Welcome to our new class blog!

Information, pictures, work etc coming soon……….

Newdale Primary School…………where everyone does their best!


  1. I love your new blog and can't wait to see what you are going to be writing about. My class have loved blogging and now our whole school has started! Good luck, I hope you have as much fun as we did!
    Mr Brown
    Moorfield Primary School

  2. I will be following your blog from Rome in Italy. I hope to see lots of hard work :)

    Good luck!

  3. Thankyou, I hope people are able to comment now. Took some messing about!!

  4. Can't wait to see Mr Aiston's Class work on here, I hope to see everyone improving as much as Sean in his literacy and Alex with his cool walk on my next visit!

    See you all soon


  5. We hope to have everything up and running soon. Today we have been writing newspaper reports.

    Izzy, Lauren, William and Grace

  6. Hello Mr Aiston's class. Your new blog is looking really good already. It's fun to have a blog and share all the things that you do in class with others across the world. I know my class love to do this too. I will be following your blog to see what you have been up to.
    Happy blogging!
    Mrs Prior - Maple Class

  7. Mr Brown teaches us at Moorfield. We have our class blog too. It's great to hear you're enjoying it as much as we do. Good luck with the blogging!!

  8. i love the blogging

    1. i know its well cool

      from olivia

    2. First of all: well cool isn't actually proper English: it's slang that I used when I was little. By the way I love blogging too!


    3. Hello Mr Aiston's class.

      We are the Year 6 class at Holmer Lake and we have been discussing blogs this afternoon. On our blog, we ask and answer questions each week; we currently have a question about Telford and would like to hear any ideas from you.

      Year 6 at Holmer Lake

  9. One day at the night my mommy
    said to me in the back garden
    she saw a lovely angle. Her wings was sparkling at the stars.
    Her hair gloomed like the moon.
    The next day I told the class they laght I felt silly but my mommy had proth about the
    angles before she took off
    my mom got a nice, clearer
    THE End

    Courtneyand Arnya

  10. Saskia Humphries9 July 2012 at 08:24

    To get Portogal i had to go on a ariplan. Once I got of it I went to my hotel it was huge.When we had un pack we when to the pool. We went shopping and I got a new school bag it an owl bag. One night I won a stifitcut.I was amazed. We went to the beach it was great.I found slot of shells.I was sad to leave as I had a friend.we pushed my brother into the pool 5 times.It was funny.Now I am home and I went to school. That was great.
    By Saskia

    1. hello my name is Icis I attend Melville Intermediate i am in NEW ZEALAND we are next to Australia.I hope you hade fun at the hotel and you enjoyed swimming in the pool.

  11. Hi,my name is levi and i love your blog.the voki and feed the fish.i think your blog will turn out to be really good.
    from levi from melville intermediate,

  12. The storm raged around the golden dragon while the cwew and eric were asleep.The GIGENTCE WAVES were crashing up and down the boat the deck was fluding so much it was lecking in the the bedroom.Eric woke up as cwick as a lining bolt hitting the ground. It bugun to tunder and lithning

  13. have fun mr aiston do you remember me i hope you in joy your new sibings happy days


  14. Once there was a little boy called Joe, joe lived with his mother Caroll. Joe loved football and the football team that he surported was obviosly manchester united and he desperatley wanted to join the professinal team when he is older.And he had all of the manchester united posters on his wall ,

  15. Sleeping beauty

    The characters.
    The characters were aurora, the king and the queen, uncle Billy, the good fairy, the dog facebook, the witch and the wood chopper. My favourite character was the witch.

    The plot
    In the story aurora was born and everyone went to her party and the bad fairy came and did a spell on her that was on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and she will die and the good fairy said that she would do a spell for aurora to prick her finger and fall asleep until a prince came and kissed her. So the king and queen broke all the spinning wheels in the world but then she got a present and it was a spinning wheel and she touched it and she fell to the floor and facebook took her to the witches castle and then they found the wood chopper in there trying to save the princess and facebook took the princess out of the cellar to show the witch and the wood chopper got out and tried to kiss the princess but it didn’t work and he escaped to tell the king and the king made him a prince and then he went back the castle and then he kisses her and she wakes up and then they all have a party.

    My opinion
    My opinion is that it was really good my favourite part is the bit when facebook an the which hid in the audience.

    holly.poston this is my homework.

  16. sleeping beauty
    all the carrecters that took part in this play were arouh whitch was sleeping beauty,Eric was the brave prince,king queen and billy and fairy god mother and my faverouite malificent.
    the plot the story started of a little like this in a palace there lived a princess and malificent didnt like it so then she cast a speel on aroua and on her sixteenth birthday she pricked her finger on a wooden spinning wheel,then she falls a sleep for a hundred years unless a true prince came and kissed her on the lips.
    the fairy god mother and billy took her to a hut in the forest were she could be safe, and on the way there after a few years the princess had a friend that was called eric.then it become her sixteenth birthday and aroura pricked her finger and fell a sleep for a hundred years.

    When eric found out he tried to save aroura he had to fright this horrible troll,but when
    he kissed her nothing happend becouse eric wasn't a prince becouse the king didnt make him a prince. So he whent to the king and prayed and prayed for him to make him a prince so he did.then eric shot of and and kissed aroura...

    Suddenly she was alive they quikly ascaped and ran back to the castle and lived happily ever after.

    My best part of the story was when erik whent to save his girl friend.

    My oppinion is that i think that it was very dramery and funny and a bit silly some times

    William rowlings home work

  17. Maths home work.
    kilo meaters



    by william.r

  18. hello are you there

  19. £50 for fireworks
    £50 for party food

    1- cosmic creepers (9.99 each) = £9.99
    1 –Siren Rockets (6.49 each) = £6.49
    2 – Glittering Gemstones (7.49each) = £14.98
    1 – Jumping Jellybeans (9.99 each) = £9.99
    1 – Blast off Rocket (7.99 each) = £7.99

    Total Firework Spend = £49.44

    2 x Jacket Wedges (1.99per bag) = £3.98
    2 x Pizza (3.49 each) = £6.98
    2 x Bag of Jacket Potatoes (2.00) = £4.00
    8 x tins of Baked Beans (2.00 pack of 4) = £4.00 (offer)
    3 x Bags of Grated Cheese (1.50 each) = £4.50
    3 x Box of Beef Burgers (2.50 box each) = £7.50
    3 x Packs Burger Buns (£1.00 each) = £3.00 (offer)
    5 x Packs Sausages (1.00 each) = £5.00 (offer)
    7 x Packs Hotdog Rolls (1.00 each) = £7.00
    1 x Tub Hot Chocolate (2.00 each) = £2.00
    8 pints x milk (1.00 for 4 pints) = £2.00

    Total Food Spend £49.96
    hollys homework


  20. How to play Mario and Sonic and the at the London 2012 Olympic games
    This explanation will tell you how to play on Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games!!

    To start with you chose your event and press the ‘A’ button on the front of the WII remote to start.
    Secondly you do the action that it shows you on the screen and do it with the WII remote, but don’t go too fast otherwise you will have to slow down!!
    Finally you try and get 1st 2nd or 3rd place!!
    hollys homework

  21. 9 times tables


  23. I NOW RIGHT IT'S EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. hi i hope you like are blog, hope you find it inttresting aswell.

    from callum

  25. hello my name is jack

  26. hi my name is callum and i love doing things to do with ict. such as coding thing and making games and things to do with modding

  27. hi i have got better at my ict because i have just made a game using cooding.

  28. in year six we are doing lots of exciting excperiments such as : setting thins on fire,seeing what liquids clean the nail the quikest. we do this becouse are topic of science is irreversible changes and reinversable changes.
    by william.r

  29. today we have just watched a play called wind in the willows.We all enjoyed it was good fun.Toad ( one of the actors) tryed to escape out of his bedroom, it was funny becouse then toad got sent to jail.
    by william r

  30. today in literacy we had to write about Macbeth. we had to describe her personality.

  31. today we played baldog

  32. Whooo

    This weeks been crazy with these maths assessments(tests)but some people like them and some people don't but if you really try it can be fun if you like the tests comment.