Friday, 20 July 2012


When we come back we will be studying the Vikings, looking at the way they lived, clothes, weapons, conquests etc. Can you find out as much information as possible for when we return?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Laurens goodbye poem

I like your jokes,
Although they're not funny to us fokes,
Your friends are cool,
But sometimes play the fool,
The knuckle bump  you gave us was quite strange,
But every day it would it would slightly change
when answering questions you'd
make us all put our hands up
But sometimes the answer was,
"can I have some water in a cup?"
The reading challenge was ace,
cos you'd get to move from place to place,
for solutions to problems...
you'd tell us in a funny way,
or you would have something wierd to say.
You know what we mean, but often pretend not too,
so very frustrated we'd go and think in the loo,
I now like tag rugby, rounders and cricket.
But cross way I want to bound through a thicket.
I don't even have to mention the smart cup,
cos I'm sure you will remember,
someone asking for a class pup.
Little presents for reaching the stars we got,
they were awesome and I got quite a lot1
The football was quite alright,
I might do it again.......just might,
I wish I could stay here,
But I may have to end at the end of each year!!

Lauren aged 9

Monday, 9 July 2012

Science today.

In science today we looked at the best conditions for seeds to germinate. We planned an investigation considering the amount of heat, water, soil, different seeds and the light. We worked in groups and wrote predictions ensuring that we carried out a fair test and each group only altered 1 factor. We await the results to see which group will be the winner!!

Our school disco!!

My Animoto Video

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Guided Reading short stories

Minecraft promblem ture story

It all started at 8:30pm in the world of minecraftea Ihad just loaded up the world and started to build a mud house when Josh joined my world and built a wood house. He built a wood house then we started to mine foud some iron ore so I went and made a stone pickaxe to harvest the iron ore. I went to my hut and crafted a furnace to smelter my iron ore to iron ignot but Josh killed my and stole my ingnot and crafted a iron pickaxe.

I had my revenge and my remaning iron ingot and left but josh invited his friend and Josh wanted the iron ignots so I gave them to him a little while later I found some flint but Josh's friend killed me and stole my stuff and made a flint and steel I was somewhere out so I didn't know he had a flint and steel. I heared a faint crackle of fire so I looked a the back of Josh's house and it was burning I called Josh and we put out the fire Josh gave a stone sword and I chased him up the mountain and into the forest, he started burning the forest down I set on fire so I ran for my life towards the sea but it was to late I died when got my stuff he tryed to blame me for it but we knew who was I stole the flint and steel but then I had to go so that was the end.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Llandudno in the rain!!

We nearly there yet?
Are these good gor your teeth?
Can I eat this?

Dolphins or porpoises?
You will scare the porpoises!!

Stand up if you are ready for our mapwork!!

Quick, before the seagulls spot us!
Do you think it will rain?'s raining!

Monday, 2 July 2012

monday june 2012

Today in maths we did symriety and translation it was easy for some.

We also did some science, it was all about seed dispersal. There are 4 ways seeds get dispersed: Animals, WInd, Water, Explosion.We even tested it by making peas pop out of their pods,then we ate them they were yummy.

William and Lauren.

Caamping Tales

Me and Izzy where settling down to go to sleep, it was 1 O'clock in the morning, when I heard something. I nudged Isabel, she ignored me,I nudged her again, this time harder. She wouldn't wake up. I sat on her. That made her wake up.Before she could complain, I whispered" Listen, don't you hear somethig?" She sat up. "Oh, I hear it now," she looked frightened,"could it be a fox?"
"No, it's probably an Owl or something!" I answered, sounding confident, I didn't feel it though. Then I stopped. I could hear it coming closer. I dared Izzy to look out of the tent flap. She wouldn't. I looked out. Then I came face to face with...the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. Then I noticed that behind it where the cutest kittens ever. I called to Izzy "Come and look at this." She peeped out, her eyes widened.
Izzy and I where shattered the next morning. We fell asleep in school!!