Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Llandudno in the rain!!

We nearly there yet?
Are these good gor your teeth?
Can I eat this?

Dolphins or porpoises?
You will scare the porpoises!!

Stand up if you are ready for our mapwork!!

Quick, before the seagulls spot us!
Do you think it will rain?'s raining!


  1. today we have been to llanludidno which is in wales
    The first thing we done was sketch and then have lunch then we saw some dolphins.
    2.then we had ice-cream in the rain which was mr aistons idia.
    3then we got some gifts whith our spending money.

    Apart from the rain we had a great time.


  2. had a lovely day even though it rained,the best bit was when we saw the dolphins

  3. Glad to hear it. We will be writing all about it tomorrow.

  4. Hello! Glad to see your blog's looking so fantastic! It looks like you had a great, but soggy trip to Llandudno - a but like our recent residential to Borth :-)
    Mr A - a really good way to share photos is on Animoto - there's a few examples of it on our blog :-)
    Mr K from Ash Class in Shrewsbury!