Monday, 2 July 2012

Caamping Tales

Me and Izzy where settling down to go to sleep, it was 1 O'clock in the morning, when I heard something. I nudged Isabel, she ignored me,I nudged her again, this time harder. She wouldn't wake up. I sat on her. That made her wake up.Before she could complain, I whispered" Listen, don't you hear somethig?" She sat up. "Oh, I hear it now," she looked frightened,"could it be a fox?"
"No, it's probably an Owl or something!" I answered, sounding confident, I didn't feel it though. Then I stopped. I could hear it coming closer. I dared Izzy to look out of the tent flap. She wouldn't. I looked out. Then I came face to face with...the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. Then I noticed that behind it where the cutest kittens ever. I called to Izzy "Come and look at this." She peeped out, her eyes widened.
Izzy and I where shattered the next morning. We fell asleep in school!!




    Beywere boy's and girls this story you not read past mid night are wene it gets dark.

    Once there was some children camping.3 boy'sand 3 girl.The boys nems were Wiliam Sern owen the girls name were Saskia Grace and Phobey. the boys campt tegetheer so did the girls.At o:00 at night the girls went out the tent and skerd the boys. The boys were so scerd they ran out the tent screming.In the morning the girls were locking fore them.They were gone1


  2. This is a lovely story girls :-)

  3. you should listen to my story then