Friday, 6 July 2012

Our recounts of our trip to Llandudno


  1. On Wednesday we went to Llandudno it took two hours everybody was bored, finally we got to Llandudno first we went to the pier to sketch.
    It was fun, after we had lunch we had a bit of a food fight, that was the best bit, Alex had a lot of food.
    Then we saw some dolphins, it was so cool seeing them.
    Then we had ice creams then we went to the sweet shop, i bought some rock it was delicious. Then we went to the coach my group had to wait for the other groups to get on the coach. It took a bit longer to get back to school it was a bit of a rush to get back in time, the were waiting in the rain.
    Finally i got home after having a really fun day out!!

    From Tom!

    1. Wow Tom! Fantastic stuff, excellent use of exclamation marks and commas. Great to see you writing.

  2. It was Tuesday morning, we were at the school.
    William, the brainy boy, thought there was going to be a pool.
    It was time to get on the bus and start this trip,
    Mr.A gave me a fierce look and a quick tip,
    "Don't mess around on this bus,
    and look out for the girls making a fuss."

    Eventually we reached LLandudno, all tired and sleepy.
    Then Josh stole my bag very, very quickly.
    So I tickled him and he cried, "STOP!"
    Just as he slipped accidently as he tried to grab my top.

    We soon walked across the pier, into the shops,
    Stephanie was gazing at all the fancy new tops!

    Before long it was lunch and Josh was scared of a seagull,
    he thought it was stalking it's prey, like an eagle!

    After that we headed for 'sweets and treats' before finally going home.
    Away we went!!


  3. I woke up early that morning so excited about the trip to Llandudno. I rushed to get to school. When I arrived it was nearly time to go. We all jumped onto the coach excitedly.
    It started to rain, I was hoping the rain would have stopped when we got there. About two hours later we were there, it had stopped raining. We were so glad.
    We got off the coach excitedly then skipped to the end of the pier. We did some sketching and saw some dolphins jumping. A few minutes later we had our lunch. We were so hungry.
    After lunch we had an ice cream with a flake, then we went to the sweet shop, then to the gift shop. It rained again and we got drenched, luckily, I had my rain coat.
    Then we got back on the bus, everyone was very tired.
    Two hours later we were back at school and our parents were there. We went home.
    So our day at Llandudno was great!


  4. On the coach it was silent,
    When all of a sudden up came the excitement!
    Out came the noises and the games,
    As we went down all the winding lanes!!

    To get to Llandudno, Llandudno, Llandudno,
    To get to Llandudno we went down the lanes.

    After an hour we got bored,
    We sat watching the rain as it poured and poured.
    We were playing ludo and a bit of chess,
    But mostly just making a great big mess!

    To get to Llandudno, Llandudno, Llandudno,
    To get to Llandudno we made a big mess.

    Some people felt sick,
    Some people took the mick.
    Eventually we got off,
    To find ice cream to scoff!

    To get to Llandudno, Llandudno, Llandudno,
    To get to Llandudno we found ice cream to scoff.

    We went to the pier,
    Had an argument with Maria,
    About dolphins or porpoises?
    Maybe even tortoises.

    We are at Llandudno, Llandudno, Llandudno,
    We are at Llandudno and having fun!!!


  5. Early Wednesday morning we travelled by coach to Llandudno. It took 2 hours! The first thing we did walk to the pier. It started to rain. While we wwere on the pier the porpoises swam through the salty water.

    After that we had lunch, I had cheese sandwiches. Next we strolled to the rock shop. Soon after we decided to go and get an ice cream. While we were eating the ice cream a seagull took some of the ice cream.

    We wandered slowly back to the bus.


    1. i loved your recount rachel. The trip sounds exciting!!!!


  6. I woke up feeling glad and happy.
    Morning mum, are we going to breakfast club? She said I was, so off we went.
    When I got to school I got excited. I rushed into class. I got on the coach.
    Two hours later we got there. We walked to the end of the pier. When we got there we saw porpoises, they plunged in and out of the Irish Sea. We went to the toilet near the swimming pool before we got going.


  7. “Are we there yet?” I asked.
    It seemed a lot of time had passed.
    Miss. Newport said, “No, we have only been travelling 15 minutes.
    The coach driver seemed to be going well beneath the speed limit.
    Izzy and I were getting bored,
    I stared out of the window, “What if it poured?”
    If it did pour with rain…
    That would be such a pain!

    An hour later, Miss. Newport announced,
    A heavy claoud had just been pronounced.
    At last we got to Llandudno,
    It was so different from Ludlow.
    We went to the end of the pier,
    I shouted, “Izzy! Come here!”
    PORPOISES appeared in the water,
    I wish I had a potter,
    To carry them deep into the sea.
    I wondered if they were talking to me,
    But it was just Rachel making noises,
    But sounding amazingly like porpoises.

    We went to get ice cream
    Then the clouds started to be mean.
    It poured down, pelting our class,
    Luckily we managed to hide behind some glass.
    Soon, when everyone had come out of the rock shop,
    We headed for a little gift shop – I didn’t drop.
    After this we went to the coach
    This rain could have drowned a cock-roach.
    To the toilets we went,
    Then a man from the shop sent –
    Us to the swimming pool,
    The toilets were so nice, they made me drool.

    We came out.
    Phoebe started to shout.
    Izzy pushed me in a puddle,
    Everyone began to get in a muddle.
    We got back on the coach, Izzy and Courtney had a cuddle,
    Me, Izzy, Courtney and Lauren got in a huddle.
    The bus driver climbed in,
    Then we were off playing the games I always win!

    We got to school,
    I missed the pool.
    My mum was at the gate,
    My brother too (my non-mate)
    We crept silently through the school
    Then out of the door I felt really cool.
    Although when I went home I felt quite relieved,
    But no one ever believed
    What had happened on our trip,
    Enough of this anyway I need to get some kip!


  8. I woke up in surprised shock. I got my school bag then went to school. Fortunately I was on time, I paired up with Tiffany and off we went. It took 2 hours!
    Finally we arrived in Llandudno. The first thing we did was walk along the beach, we saw a red dot that turned out to be a huge jellyfish. Everyone shouted, “JELLYFISH!!”
    At the end of the walk we did some sketching, then had our lunch. After lunch we finished off our sketching. After that Mr. Aiston gave us a map and some sheets to fill in.
    Then Mr.Aiston shouted, “time for ice creams!” We all got in line but then it started chucking it down with rain. It was miserable.
    Then he shouted not to do the map and we got on the coach quickly so we did not get too wet.
    Two hours later we finally got all our stuff together and went home!


  9. I woke up excited and quickly got dressed. I went downstairs and had some breakfast, brushed my teeth and I was fit to go! As I was climbing into my dad’s car it started spitting!
    Ten minutes later I arrived at school, I ran to my classroom quickly. When I got in the classroom everyone was sitting down. I put my reading diary in the box. I sat down in an excited mood. I listened to what was going on. Meanwhile I found a partner.
    Fifteen minutes later we got on the big, busy bus. The girls were fighting over which seats they would be sitting on. The boys were ready to go! I sat down next to Cole. Daniel sat behind us with Lena-Paige.
    Two hours later we arrived in Llandudno, we went straight to the pier. 5 minutes later we saw porpoises, I sketched them in my book.
    Afterwards we had lunch. Josh was screaming because seagulls were chasing him. Connor and Phoebe were laughing with Elise.
    Mr.Aiston said,” let’s go to the shops!” so off we went. I bought 20 shells for £2.95 with Courtney and Lauren.
    We all went round the shops until we got an ice cream in the rain. Then we climbed back on the bus and headed home.

    Luke H

  10. i liked all of them

  11. Saskia hunphries9 July 2012 at 08:40

    It sound like you had good time on your trip.