Monday, 9 July 2012

Science today.

In science today we looked at the best conditions for seeds to germinate. We planned an investigation considering the amount of heat, water, soil, different seeds and the light. We worked in groups and wrote predictions ensuring that we carried out a fair test and each group only altered 1 factor. We await the results to see which group will be the winner!!


  1. My year in Mr Aiston’s class
    I enjoyed being in Mr Aiston’s class, I enjoyed Art and Literacy, because the Literacy was interesting when we had to investigate about the ‘Rabbit problem’ and ‘Tuesday’.
    I have improved my Maths because Mrs Mann and Mr Aiston helped me, now I can work mentally and use the grid method, use percentages and add decimals.
    My target was to get better at maths and science, now I can carry out an investigation for which seeds will germination first in which soil: sandy, chalky and clay soil. We are still carrying out the investigation.
    I have made lots of friends and I’ve really enjoyed being in this class, I wish that Mr Aiston would be a year 6 teacher!

  2. Thankyou Elise that is really nice.

  3. Hello and thank you for leaving a comment on our school blog. I had a look at your school website and I love the dragon you have on the wall. Your class blog is excellent too, I like the interaction with pupils.
    You have been doing similar topics to us this year - Victorians and Space, our class enjoyed the latter a lot.
    I look forward to seeing more from you next session. :)

  4. What types of seeds are you germinating?

    1. Hi Miss Clifford its phoebe,william and tom,we are germinating cress and runner beans and we would like to know if your eggs are doing alright.One of the plants have already started growing and we are looking forward to seeing them grow fully.Thanks for replying,Your sincerly phoebe,william and tom.