Friday, 28 September 2012

Emily- Jayne and Holly - 100 word challenge

Fred's favourite colour was green. Everything in his room was green because he liked it so much!His bed was green his pyjamas were green, his TV was green, his whole house was green .One day, his mom  brought him a piano and guess what colour it was, it was green. He loved his piano and sat for days on his tiny green stool practising. Fred practised so much his singing bird piano exploded into a huge green light! Fred no longer liked green!

Oliver - 100 word challenge

Young Daniel was just an ordinary boy in an ordinary city but one day some green ugley zombiys arrived in his city. The zombiys were dark green, very tiny and seemed harmless. But if you tuched one of the zombies they grew bigger and bigger. So daniel felt sorry for the zombiys so he stroked a zombiy and it grew to the sizeof a piano. It became bigger, stronger and nasty. It went around the city, everything it came into contact with explodedt. Daniel felt like it was his fault. He must do something. He was not an ordinary boy anymore....

Natasha, Zoe, Phoebe- 100 word challenge

One day there lived a girl called Charlotte and her freind Sophie. Charlotte wanted to know how to play a piano, so she told her freind "I need to do piano lessons."
Sophie replied, "Go ahead, but beware there is a evil man there that forces you to play until you drop down and lose consciousness,  he sends you somewhere that you wouldn't even want to know about,  never mind go."
Nevertheless Charlotte went to the lesson, not believing her friend.When i walked threw the door i started my lessons i saw this green piano that was shiny, the man asked me to sit down on the tiny stool, the room began to spin......

Molly, Bethan and Olivia - 100 word challenge

The boggie man  is back !!!!!

 You see some time ago he was playing his magnifesent bright green piano when it suprisily expolded
 suddenly the boggie man started to shrink smaller and smaller,boggies flew lightinnig fast  from every direction ."Hello Tom"squeeked the now tiny boggie man."Whoa Tom you like a giant from down here".shouted the miget man although it sounded like a sqeek from were tom was.Tom replied "Hey it's you again  leave me alown"
"Why don't you like me Tom I thought you liked me I thought we were friends

Malachi, Jacb, Jack - 100 word challenge

1000 years ago!

"Run to the shelter, it's the alarm!"

The alarm was like an out of tune piano. It was tiny but you could hear it a mile away. As the mysterious longboat  got closer and closer to the shore. Our brave, strong viking warriors lined up to see if they these strange monsters of men were here to cause havoc! Our strong viking warriors, lightning fast, strong oxs were  an axe nothing can get past them.then the mosters exploded on to the bright green grass and all of a sudden it turned smoky.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Literacy and Numeracy today!

Today we have been learning about war  poetry.We wrote our own  viklngs poems today mostly about battels.  In numeracy we were learning about Piet Mondriaan and his art based on shapes. We had to make our pictres and name all the shapes.They were amazing!!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Finished off our Viking stories today!

Our Viking stories are going to make a great display! Tomorrow we are starting our poetry unit! We will be looking at the work of Alfred Lord Tennyson and Wilfred Owen! Should be exciting.

Friday, 21 September 2012

100 word challenge - Jamie

We were just sitting down for dinner when all of a sudden the window shattered in to thousands of pieces. I froze in fear. A light flew faster then a tomahawk,  two tornado  gr4's flew over. Then the light swithces came on and off! Then two more lazer lights went over. I jumped nervously  under the table. I found mud foot prints leading to the shed, when I followed them I saw the doors were opening and closing constantly.The phone rang, i picked up, but no one answered. then the door started knocking but there was no one there.....

100 word challenge - Callum, Dom and William

We were just sitting down for dinner when... suddenly we heared a knocking on the door which was becaming louder and louder and louder by the second!!! Suddenly a green fist which was on fire burst through the wooden door. The fist was coverd in flaiming hot fire whitch made the wooden door  burn to ash and was then a swarm of fire spiders.My mum panicked, grabbed her broom out and batterd some of the vicious spiders. She kept going till they fled the house and never returned again!

100 word challenge - Emily Jayne

We were just sitting down for dinner when there was a knock on the soon as we opened the door there stood the king and queen of England . They announced a "hello "in a nice warm voice.  Then we all bowed to the king and and shouted"HELLO!". The king said "Who are you as he?" as he grabbed for his sword. All they wanted was something to eat, but now they started to worry....

100 word challenge - Zoe, Holly, Molly, Phoebe, Luke

....we were just sitting down for dinner when....

The door opened violently , there was a powercut it was pitch dark as the starry night.When the lights came back on we was searching for my little sister we thought she disapered.I had this feeling that someone was sneaking up behind me. Someone gentley tapped me on the shoulder several times. It was huge with fiery red eyes, bulging muscles and teeth as sharp as a sword. It looked terrifying. I still did not know what it was!

100 word challenge natasha

Mum and Dad had gone out. We were just sitting down for dinner when my brother said we should ring them! They didn't answer. Suddenly I heard a noise from the bush in our garden but when I went outside there was nothing there. I started to shiver. I was frozen stiff with fear. Later I hneard another noise from the bush, it was a monster or a man dressed in black. It had fiery eyes and looked terrifying. I crept towards it cautiously. What is it?

100 word challenge - Oliver

We were just sitting down for dinner when I heard a high pitched scream in the kitchen. I jumped  up to investigate. It looked like a girl! She was scared of  something then when I looked behind me I saw zombies!! One of the zombies burst through the window. They were all over the street, they ran out the front door. There was nothing anybody could do. They were everywhere. We had to jump in the car and escape to anywhere but here! Where did they come from........?

100 word challange jessica

we were just sitting for dinner when...

I saw a huge rat scurrying speedily across the wooden floor. As I came to grab it it ran in a big hole. I tried to tell my mom but she wouln't belive me. So I rang the animal catchers  and they came as fast as lightning. They got a grabber and put it in the hole but didn't get anything except some mouldy cheese. The animal catchers left angrily.  No one found the rat until years later when a collection of bones was discovered under the wooden floorbaoards.

100 word challenge Bethan and Olivia

We were just sitting down for dinner when ....

                                                                                Suddenly the room tured as black as coal and shouts and screams echoed arond the damp kitchen. A sausage jumped into my ear,  my food was coming to life! My brockaly was jumping around me and carrots started to laugh, then the carrots started smashing plates like a bunch of wild monkeys. Flaming bright lights surrounded me, a herd of sharks, a white chocolate bar flipped out the window. Everything had gone crazy, what magic was at work here?

100 word challenge - Malachi,Jacob, Jack, Tom

Something outstanding happend to my bear when we sat down at the table for dinner, I heard something strange upstais. I crept cautiosly towards the noise, hiding behind the wall I saw my bear doing  kick ups with my football!! I thought it was my imagenation going wild. Then as quickly as I had heard the noise, the bear returned to a normal teddy bear. The bear just sat at the end of the bed and as far as I know never ever moved again.

100 word challenge - Cameron

we were just sitting down for dinner when  a voice softly started laughing from upstairs,"ha ha." Following this a humungous bang pierced the peaceful house.
A shiver ran down my back as the lights flickered furiously. Giggling filled my ears 
we then heard ...bashing aganst table , giggling riseing ,drews opening and closing .
The giggleg was getting aggresive, feet enterd the room when the lights shot back
  Dad was on the floor and angrly said
"I was only watching a movie when the power went of on my I pad"
Then the giggle started again getting louder and louder and LOUDER!

100 word challenge - Alex, Rachel, Stephen

we  were  just siting down  for  dinner  when...
out of the corner of my eye I spotted a gigantic purple monster with eyes as red as blood and teeth as sharp as knives. Without warning it smashed angrily through the window. It grabbed my dinner from under my nose and burst out of the front door as fast as his hairy, warty legs could carry him.
"Come back!" I screamed angrily, as loud as my voice could go.
The purple monster was never ever seen again!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Another busy day

Religious education, sentence work and a Maths investigation today! We are all making so much progress, keep it up. Howmework and Spelling test tomorrow!

Friday, 14 September 2012

100 word challenge

Today we began the 100 word challenge, which we are sharing with the world. We are very excited!! Please read some of our short stories.

Emily Jayne - Newdale Primary

looking behind me I saw...a 4 headed dragon looking  straight at me. Suddenly, it breathed scolding fire which came as fast as lightning.I managed to dodge it which was lucky . I jumped and  stabbed him viciously with my sharp sword, as sharp as a crocodiles fang.after i had killed the dragon i went back to my ship mates .As soon as i went back Erick bludaxe

owen,dom,cameron - Newdale Primary

looking behind me I saw..........

Hades standing menacingly surrounded by the  egyptian gods. With a flash of black smoke 50,000 mummys surrounded Zeus , the King of all the gods.. They staggered towards me, arms outstretched like they were coming for a hug. But they wern't......The mummys had demond eyes,they walk towards me like someone chop there leg of.My childen ,they were peatrified like  a clown kidnaped them.Sundenly two mummys creak towards

Oliver, Luke, Molly - Newdale Primary

.......looking behind me I saw........

a teacher zombie angrily coming  towards me so I ran into classroom 9 but I saw a students turning into zombies . Suddenly I filled with fear ,I sprinted into the school kitchens luckily the school kitchens were not full of zombies then i heard screaming coming from the head teachers office so I ran into the office and saw the head teacher on top her desk screaming like a  baby because the vistors

Lauren, Isabella, Lena-Paige - Newdale Primary

......looking behind me I saw........

a masive,colourful fairground. With a rollercoaster that did loop de loop and tips you upside down.
I ran towards some orange bumper cars with a scarlet red flame. Next to it was a pole with many seats going across it going up and down rapidly. I could smell a warm melting cheeseburger on a hot barbecue. As I looked around I saw many people with beaming smiles on their faces. Then a glowing circus tent rose from the

Zoe, Holly, Jessica, Phoebe - Newdale

looking behind me i saw.......

a big eight headed dragon rose up out of the sea, everyone screamed but standed like a statue. A viking was behind the dragon on a humungusly , big , golden carriage. In a flash, the viking anounced the viking kings and queens name, "Greetings you ladies and gentleman here is the king Fire Eye and queen Fire Hand."Although the king and queen were nice they handed a special gift out.The viking guards were not that special or happy or nice. 

Bethan, Natasha and Olivia- Newdale

looking behind me I saw.....

a big fears boggie man in a black suit, staggered towords me like a monster approching from the toilet.All of a sudden he drew out two long knives "what's for dinner " he growled but I hid in a corner."What shall we have then Gromet cheese crackers or a sausuge sandwich "the boggie man asked.I quickly ran home and hid in my room but all of a sudden there was a nock on the door it was boogie man and he asked to be our freind and I said yes but then al of a sudden he swallosd me up...

Jacob, Jack, Will, Malachi ; Newdale

looking behind me i saw.......

a three headed hdrya i turned a round and viciously sliced at head! Blood squrted every where, i walked off triumphantly. Then all of a sudden two heads grew back it was outrages. He breathed a flame of fire and  i jumped out the way then he started to get bigger and bigger like a giant.Then it grew another 2 heads and it pounced at me quckier than a cheater.I stuck up my sheild then i swung it in his face.[BANG] then the hydra

Ste, Rachel, Alex - Newdale Primary

looking behind me I saw.....

Freya and a gleaming new necklace. "Where did you get that from," I asked curiously. as we went  over  the  glowing  rainbow bridge.  We got to the  end  of the rain bow bridge,  it started  to  rain. We both got drenched. Freya told me she had been to the cave of the goblins and kissed them to get the necklace. I was shocked and disgusted, no one kisses a hideous goblin!!

Jamie, Tom, Callum - Newdale Primary

looking behind me i saw....

A humungous  monster appeared behind me which was staring at me with is big gloomy eyes. the monster is green like the grass, and when breathing fire burst out of is mouth. THE FIRE  was hot as
lava the monster was as green as envy if he ever strikes at you it would be game over for you. when you foot goes eny were nere the dragon he will burn you need to run if you see this terrible monster. this monster is found in a bush or mostily camoflauged in a tree if you see someone struggling help to save a life. this monster is a deadily venomous

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


This morning in maths we looked at coulmn adidion and we found it great fun and some people found it hard esay and challenging.

In literacy we did a story mountin on Vikings.Some made up their own.At the start of the lesson we learned about fray and the gobblins part 1 and part 2 and writen the story on the story mountin.

Monday, 10 September 2012


Today we looked at using time connectives to structure our work in literacy, multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000 in maths and reading thermometers and presenting results in graphs in science.

Homework in for wednesday! Spelling test too.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Inspired by the Olympics we began our gymnastics unit today! We have some great athletes. Check out our video.
My Animoto Video

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Another busy day!

We worked really hard today creating story maps and ordering 4 digit numbers and decimals. Everybody did their very best as always!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stories around the campfire

We are enjoying telling stories around our campfire this week. We are focusing on structuring our stories and adding lots of detail to make it exciting to the listener!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Odin the Creator

Today we have looked at different ways of remembering stories. We gathered around the campfire to share sagas together. We love story telling and coming up with ideas.