Friday, 21 September 2012

100 word challenge natasha

Mum and Dad had gone out. We were just sitting down for dinner when my brother said we should ring them! They didn't answer. Suddenly I heard a noise from the bush in our garden but when I went outside there was nothing there. I started to shiver. I was frozen stiff with fear. Later I hneard another noise from the bush, it was a monster or a man dressed in black. It had fiery eyes and looked terrifying. I crept towards it cautiously. What is it?


  1. very good describing natasha i couldnt do that

    love madeleine

  2. Your story for the 100WC is super Natasha. You have used some short sentences for effect -I especially liked 'They didn't answer.' You have also included some interesting time connectives like 'Suddenly' and 'Later.' Your description of the monster is fabulous and I can just imagine how terrified your character would have been. Ending the story with a question really involved me as a reader and reminded me of finishing a chapter in a good book - it left me wanting to know more and what happens next! Thank you for sharing your writing.
    Mrs Neale Team 100WC

  3. We'll done Natasha. :)