Friday, 28 September 2012

Emily- Jayne and Holly - 100 word challenge

Fred's favourite colour was green. Everything in his room was green because he liked it so much!His bed was green his pyjamas were green, his TV was green, his whole house was green .One day, his mom  brought him a piano and guess what colour it was, it was green. He loved his piano and sat for days on his tiny green stool practising. Fred practised so much his singing bird piano exploded into a huge green light! Fred no longer liked green!


  1. Hi Emily, Jane & Holly,
    Well that certainly was a very green word challenge. I'm not surprised Fred no longer likes green :) I would like a green piano myself as green is my favourite colour.
    Nadine - Team 100WC

  2. Hi Emily-Jayne and Holly,
    Thank you for entering the 100 Word Challenge. This is a super entry, I love how you have used the word "green" to your advantage by making just about everything in the story green. I'm not surprised Fred went off green with the explosion at the end.
    It was also lovely to read a paired piece of writing, well done!
    Mrs Stones (Team 100WC)

  3. hi guys
    great story im sure you put lots of thought into it you are very creative! remember to use forestry! :)