Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Finished off our Viking stories today!

Our Viking stories are going to make a great display! Tomorrow we are starting our poetry unit! We will be looking at the work of Alfred Lord Tennyson and Wilfred Owen! Should be exciting.


  1. Sounds fab - can i join your class? I had to wait til university to study Tennyson (lucky children)
    Also my friend lived, until last year, in Wilfred Owens birthplace Plas Wilmot - lovely house which Phoebe and i have visited many times.
    Claire (Phoebes Mum)

  2. Yeh Sounds Fab As Well - Can I Join Your Class As Well. I Had To Wait For That Until I Was 20 In University.
    If Anyone Had Known My Brother ( Andrew Wakeman )He Died Last Year At The Birthplace Of Plas Wilmot - We Had Visited The House And It Looks Amazing Lovely House We Have Visited It 100 Times Nearly .

    Carol Ann Wakeman ( Zoe's Mum )