Thursday, 6 September 2012


Inspired by the Olympics we began our gymnastics unit today! We have some great athletes. Check out our video.
My Animoto Video


  1. Hello Mr. Aiston and class,

    I had a look at your Animoto and could see the effort on everyone's face. I think I could do most of the activities but there was one activity I would find against the law...

    Climbing to the top of the rope is definitely against the law for me. That darn Law of Gravity always keeps me at the bottom of the rope. :)

    Keep having fun while you learn. I always try to.

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Mr Aiston i would like to help raise some money for both the school and chairtiy i was thinking of a sponsered football match would you be able to help me please.


  3. I cant wait for next indoor P.E
    did you know Willim Penny Brooks made the rule of P.E

    1. He inspired the modern day olympics in Much Wenlock. Look at this

  4. hello my name is benna i am from manchester

  5. hello mr aiston i am working on my gymnastics and i would like to show my cartwheel to you from zoe beaman

  6. I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. You all certainly looked as though you were working hard, giving your all but having fun at the same time!

    I thought the swinging over on the ropes looked a bit tricky!
    Well done. I am looking forward to seeing all the work you do this year and will be showing my class.
    Mrs Prior - Maple Class, Greenfields Primary

  7. Just got back from hospital, will have to be on crutches for the next 10 days, ive hurt my plantar on my foot

    from Cameron

  8. Well Unleast Cameron Is'nt On Crutches Now.
    I Know Benna She Came Round To My House Today And Now We Are Going To Have A SleepOver.I Will Tell You What Happend Tomorrow.

  9. I really enjoyed this I want to do it again soon

    By Olivia