Friday, 14 September 2012

Jacob, Jack, Will, Malachi ; Newdale

looking behind me i saw.......

a three headed hdrya i turned a round and viciously sliced at head! Blood squrted every where, i walked off triumphantly. Then all of a sudden two heads grew back it was outrages. He breathed a flame of fire and  i jumped out the way then he started to get bigger and bigger like a giant.Then it grew another 2 heads and it pounced at me quckier than a cheater.I stuck up my sheild then i swung it in his face.[BANG] then the hydra


  1. Oh my goodness! And then the hydra... I want to know more.
    I think you have chosen some excellent vocabulary to add detail to your story, but next time see if you can end the story within the 100 words.

  2. oh my goodness! A three head hydra which breaths out fire,i wouldn't like t meet that hydra.