Friday, 28 September 2012

Natasha, Zoe, Phoebe- 100 word challenge

One day there lived a girl called Charlotte and her freind Sophie. Charlotte wanted to know how to play a piano, so she told her freind "I need to do piano lessons."
Sophie replied, "Go ahead, but beware there is a evil man there that forces you to play until you drop down and lose consciousness,  he sends you somewhere that you wouldn't even want to know about,  never mind go."
Nevertheless Charlotte went to the lesson, not believing her friend.When i walked threw the door i started my lessons i saw this green piano that was shiny, the man asked me to sit down on the tiny stool, the room began to spin......


  1. This is my favourite story girls.

    Hollie Aiston

  2. Wow thismis good.
    Carol Ann Wakeman (Zoe's mum

  3. Replies
    1. Iliked nevertheless,becuse it is a good connective well done.

      from emily-jayne