Friday, 28 September 2012

Oliver - 100 word challenge

Young Daniel was just an ordinary boy in an ordinary city but one day some green ugley zombiys arrived in his city. The zombiys were dark green, very tiny and seemed harmless. But if you tuched one of the zombies they grew bigger and bigger. So daniel felt sorry for the zombiys so he stroked a zombiy and it grew to the sizeof a piano. It became bigger, stronger and nasty. It went around the city, everything it came into contact with explodedt. Daniel felt like it was his fault. He must do something. He was not an ordinary boy anymore....


  1. Exciting story Oliver. Does Daniel become a super hero?

  2. A great use of the five words Daniel, I especially like the way you used the piano to describe the size of the zombies when they had grown. Well done.

    Amanda (Team 100WC)

  3. Great cliff hanger Oliver, I liked it when Daniel showed sympathy for the little zombie : ) .

    From,Pav greenfields

  4. Fantastic Oliver i loved it i epecially love the part were if you touch a zombie it get ,bigger ,bigger and bigger.your hundred word challenge is a blast.


  5. One day there were three boys named Tom ,Malachi and Jack they loved football ,but Tom and Malachi loved it better than Jack because they supported a better team than Jack ,wich is MANCHESTER UNITED and Jack supported rubbish newcatle boooo!!Sometimes they fell out because of what football team they supported on the other hand were best friends in the world!!!