Friday, 14 September 2012

Ste, Rachel, Alex - Newdale Primary

looking behind me I saw.....

Freya and a gleaming new necklace. "Where did you get that from," I asked curiously. as we went  over  the  glowing  rainbow bridge.  We got to the  end  of the rain bow bridge,  it started  to  rain. We both got drenched. Freya told me she had been to the cave of the goblins and kissed them to get the necklace. I was shocked and disgusted, no one kisses a hideous goblin!!


  1. Wow that is great i wish that was my story. from zoe

  2. Brilliant Rachel, Ste and Alex it is a bit like a video I watched. I would not kiss a goblin!

    love Madeleine

  3. I like the part when freya kissed the goblin.
    from zoe.

  4. I love the story , but to have had more discription in it and more connectives and time connectives and more of puncuation to keep up with other people.

    from zoe