Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stories around the campfire

We are enjoying telling stories around our campfire this week. We are focusing on structuring our stories and adding lots of detail to make it exciting to the listener!


  1. I love your campfire i wish that i could do that in my class.


  2. Hello Mr Aiston and class,

    Having been a scout and scout leader at one time, I've told and heard many stories around the campfire.

    Let's think a little about what you're doing and it's place in human culture.

    Can you all imagine way back when humans first made use of fire? Perhaps to scare off animals or to keep warm, someone found a fire was a good thing to have at night. Staying in the warmth and safety of the campfire, one person might have told a story and started generations of campfire stories, legends and lore.

    What you have done in your class connects you with hundreds of thousands of year of human history.

    ...and you thought you were just having campfire fun... :)

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Thank you very much for commenting on our blog. We are really enjoying telling Viking stories around our campfire just like the Vikings themselves would have done.

    Mr.Aiston's class

    1. Hello again Mr Aiston and class,

      Every now and then, a class shares a post or a comment that starts my curious mind thinking in different directions. When this happens, I can find my comments becoming quite long, especially if I want to share links, photos, sounds, or video. To help, I have a blog named "Extended Comments for Students".

      I have enjoyed your post on the class campfire so much I thought I'd share an extended comment with you...


      Keep blogging and sharing.
      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  4. The waves were crashing violently agest the rocks. Wairror Chopaxe was dropping to his death trap. The bout tipped over in icy salty waters then thay took two more victioms.

    "No the caption did,t make it"
    screamrd blood axe
    thay then found a ancint irlend with a curse
    put on to it is if you touch the irlend you can never leve
    suddenly thay found anchent teple

    then a guead came out it was loki!!!

    by cameron price

    1. I worked really hard on this. I loved it


  5. A greedy wallthiy king named FireSpear the brave had the most terrorfering expirience of his life, be warned only a few amonset though who have heared the tale.
    "Get me more gold now"
    "Yes my leash"
    "Then go get it"
    "Yes"ceied the sarvent running out the room.
    Suddenly war broke out agest the gods and the humens.A servent came in and screamed
    "my king run now"
    The king stayed still his eyes went norrew
    The sevent fled with no fear ,of him anyway
    suddenly he hard the flood barer crack everyone stared to breath so hard someone fanted then the flood barer...BROKE
    Water was bashing down everyone was being taken with it the king smimeld out of the conner of his eye he saw his sister being taken with it.

    end of part 1

    by Cameron Price

  6. Hi Cool activity.Like the idea of it:-)

  7. The king stared to sweated,alot he suddenly sprang in to action. his sister was being taken by a drop.
    In her mind see thought it was the end. suddenly... firespear grabbed her and pulled her out
    why bratread us odin why"

    guess why odin did you dicied il tell you next time
    by Cameron Price

  8. There was once a viking named Erick Blud axe who lived in a cottege in the gloomy forest.Then one day he went on an adventuren,but befor he did he got his freinds black bered /jhon frigger and lots more friends. once he had done that he built a boat but when he went to the woods there was a half lion half wolf in the woods .so they came up with a plan ,the plan was to let his friends to distract it .Erick started running while his freinds were distracting it .After Erick had the wood he ran back out and ran to his freinds who were still atacking it .But when he ran away with his friends it came after them roaring.

    end of part 1!
    from emily-jayne

    1. Emily jayne you write some fantastic stories. Mrs.Pablos just read your story introduction from todays lesson and loved it!!

  9. cameron your stories are really good, i enjoy reading them to my kids in the evening

    thank you

  10. Im going to tell you a story.This story has a giant morel please may you find it.
    "Hi everybody"
    "Hi dr nick"replid the children.He was the guest for the assembely that day.
    "Im going to anounce one off the star of the weeks"everyone ran in a rapid fasion out off the room.Envious took over him.
    "Why does everyone hate me?" he wounderd.Then sudenlly he got a devoues plan!

    end of part one

    Cameron Price