Friday, 5 October 2012

Literacy Homework - a review of Sleeping Beauty


  1. At Princess Aurora's christening a baddy called Malificent put a spell on her so she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die.Malificent was an awesome baddy because of her evil laugh and the crawl things she did.

    When Aurora grew up she lived in a forest with Billy who was really dramatic and funny.She met a woodcutter called Eric who really played his part with expression.
    Malificent dressed up as a chipmunk and made Aurora prick her finger.I thought Aurora was really kind and cheerful.A dancing troll took her to Malificents castle and locked her up.Eric,after doing lots of dancing.kissed her and set her free.The fairy godmother Merry-weather was funny too running round the stage.
    There was to much kissing!
    Fantastic pantomime.I loved it and recommend it!!!!!

  2. Sleeping beauty was fantastic it was really funny my favourite part was were the monster kept dancing behind Malificent's back. There was a lot of kissing Eric was really funny and really showed his expressions well Aurora played her act alright but there was'nt that much exspression.
    by jamie p

    1. Glad you liked it Jamie. Move your rocket up twice on Monday!

  3. Sleeping bueaty was funny and full of comady my favrate person was Arora because she had a nice singing voise and she was very pritty. My less favret person was Malificent because she wanted to kill Arora.

    What happend was...
    a baby called arora was born and a mean witch tried to kill her when she was 16 but a nice fairy saved her. However when Arora was 16 the mean fairy dressed up as a chipmunk and she thought that she was dead. Then a dancing troll carried her to the castle and a woodcutter saved her then they kissed and got married.

    my favouret bit was when Malicent was dressed up as a chimpmunk because she had a realy high voice.

    from jessica

    1. Great work Jessica. A really detailed description, just take care with your spellings.

  4. a book reveiw on sleeping beauty

    I thought that sleeping beauty was ,a really clever production
    because they made the story line their own
    my favourite character was the troll because he had mixed emotions
    my favourite scene was when he kept getting
    all the words wrong

  5. There was arora magnifesant. magnifesent was a mean person woh tryed to kill arora.arora was anice and kind girl who lived whith a king and queen .She was a baby and magnifesent put a nasty spell on her.A nice fairy made her sleep instead .A when arora was 16 she went out in to the woods .a chipmunck apeared and gave her a present.It was a spinning weel she touched it and fell asleep and magnifesent tuck her to her castel.Thought she was dead and she got very angrey.Erick rescued her and turned into a prince and kissed arora she woke up and they lived happely ever was a very good story, and i liked the bit where they fought.


    1. Good review of the play Emily Jane. It is Malificent!! You have a great understanding of the plot.

  6. On Wednesday I watched a production of Sleeping Beauty. It was about a girl who was in a deep sleep and had to be kissed by a prince to wake up. When Sleeping Beauty was a baby, Malificent (SB’s evil arch enemy) cast a spell on SB so when she turned 16 she would prick her finger and that would kill her. As well as SB and Malificent in the production there was also an ugly troll who was Malificents henchman who did everything for her. Then there was Eric he was the prince who kissed SB and woke her up.
    My favourite part of the production was when Malificent turned into a chipmunk and persuaded SB to touch the spinning wheel.
    I would recommend this play to people as it is fun and exciting and defiantly child friendly and would cheer you up.
    By Callum C

  7. They certainly did make the story their own. Good review.

  8. Review of sleeping beuaty

    characters-the characters in sleeping beuaty are great like billy he was a really dancy groovy funny person who likes dancing and malifcent is a really evil cruel sort of personwho likes playing nasty spellls.Also the king is a very funnykind person who likes taking care of his daughter.Not to forget there is aurora the buetiful lovely kind tender person ho likes playing outside with erick Erick is a loving caring person who likes playing with arura.Also there is the great power ful fairy god mother whom likes casting good spells and looking after aurara.

    The plot-what happend in the story is the king was chosing the fairy god mother for his young beuatiful daughter aurara and he didnt choosee magnifcent then magnifcent casted a spell on her that she would die at the age of sixteen by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.Then the fairy god mother makes the spell a bit nicer she changes it to she will sleep till a prince had kissed her the they send aurara to live some where else then her birht day comes and she prickes here finger on a spiining wheel that magnifcent gave her in a descise.Erick goes magnifcent tries to kill her gets put in a cell then tricks the troll then king turns erick into a prince he kisses th princes she stops slepping and magnifcent turns nice and changes back.

    opinion-i really enjoted the story and i would recommend this to someone else becuse it as boyish and girlyish.My favuirote part was all the songs and dancing.

  9. Tom A8 October 2012 09:17
    Sleeping beauty was nice,lovely.
    The Troll was ugly,nasty and he had big ears.
    The Woodcutter was a friendly man, and he was brave.
    The Witch was mean, nasty and scary.
    The King was kind, and he was a good King.
    The Queen was really lovely.
    The Jester was funny and his job was to make the King laugh.
    The God Mother was very kind to Sleeping Beauty and nice

  10. Sleeping Beauty homework

    The characters:sleeping Beauty and the evil fairy was the main characters of the story beacause the evil fairy put a spell on her and when she gets older she falls a sleep after she had pricked her finger.

    the plot:The evil fairy wanted to kill sleeping beauty so she could become qween of the palce .

    My opinion:I recommened that sleeping beauty was my favrot charater and she was well spoken i also could understand her.

    from Olivia

  11. My book review by Olivia

    Title:The Lottie Progect.Author:Jacquline wilson
    about it: lottie main charater
    lisa friend
    Angela best friend
    mrs bethwork teacher
    lottie tells her life story and what she dose for a living.

    i recommend that i will read this book agin because it was fun and my tipe of age.

    from olivia

    1. Great to see you are reading so much Olivia. Keep it up!

  12. Hello mr aiston this is my litercy homework.

    Who are they? The characters- Aurora the beautiful princess, The King that is mad at other things, The Queen that is very podh at things, Eric the prince, Billy that lived as an Uncle, The Fairy godmother that lived as an Auntie, The Nasty witch Malificent, The Troll that tried to stop Malificent.

    What were they like? Frustrated, Annoyed, Petrified, Upset, Exited, Ecstatic, Silly, Mad, Musical, Bonkers.

    The plot- What happened? The Queen had a baby called Aurora and then thay gathered a party. The king and Billy was there first so they danced and breakdanced. Through the party Malificant came and put a evil spell on Aurora the baby princess.

    What were the key events? Pricking her finger and falling asleep.

    Your opinion- Would you recommed it? Yes because it was amazing and fab and i would love to see it again. 10/10 :):):):):):):):):).
    What were your favourite bits? When they got married and kissed, And especally when the king and Billy streetdanced and breakdanced in Auroras party.

    That is it, I ove the kissing but i would not do that. Zoe

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    Zoe Lauren Rose Beaman