Thursday, 22 November 2012

Anti- Bullying 100 word challenge


  1. This tells you everything about bullying and what you can do.Listen cearfuly so you will understand and know why we should not do it,now i will explain.

    There are different types of bullying like cyber bullying,phisical bullying,lastly there is verbal bullying.

    If someone is hurting your feelings on the internet you can click the CEOP.DO NOT CLICK ON IT FOR FUN!

    When someone is bullying you outside tell a teacher, walk away or tell your parents. Please help others if they are getting bullied.

  2. Bulling is not acceptable because it is a really serias situation because it makes people fell sad and unhappy. Bulling is were keeps on doing something over and over again.If you getting bullided every day you should tell a teacher what they done and the teacher will sort it out by the people how are bulling you will get tould off. If you canot stop this it will get worst, if you want to sort it out by your self do it but if you are scard don't worry go to a teacher are your relatives.

  3. what can we do about it?

    Phsacalical bullying such as punching, kicking, and anything that harms

    Cyber bulling is on the computer and on websites it is likely to happen on facebook and twitter

    Verbal bulliyin is name callling

    Bullying makes people feel depressed and embaressts people because when your freinds are there they m ight see you and laugh . by natasha,holly,luke

  4. Bullying happens in different ways like cyber bulling,cyber bulling happens on the internet.These are the websites that cyber bulling might occur, facebook,twitter and yahoo.

    The next type of bullying is phisical bullying,which is when someone puches and kicks someone and it happens constantly.

    After that there is verbal bullying which is someone repeatedly calls you names.

    This can be very upsetting. If this happens you should tell granny or your grandpa,or mom and dad or your friends. Please ignore them.
    Malachi, William and Tom

  5. bullying is a continueus thing that happens every day to some people.
    Bullys don't have to be punching and kicking,did you know there's different type's of bullying.
    To start of with there's indirect bullying. Which can include
    name calling.
    rumers and lies.
    But it does not have to be the bully saying this, it can quite often be done by others that are either frightened of the bully so join in, or unknown bullying.
    another type or bullying is cyber bullying.
    Which is a type of bullying were you do not see the bully as it's on the computer.Did you know that cyber bullying is a type of bulling
    which can get you took to prison.if you get cyber bullyed press the C.E.O.P button.
    This last kind of bully is the most likely to get caught at .This is phisical bullying which does involve punching and kicking. This is the most likly to happen.
    In conclusen bullying is a really serious subject.Which is on the roud to being stoped.

    thank you for listining

    cameron price