Sunday, 11 November 2012

Invention week!

This week we will be inventing something ourselves, we already have lots of ideas but we are going to go into more detail.
We are going to write about what inspired our invention, show the main parts clearly, plan how it will work, create a prototype and then write a clear and detailed explanation. This is all before we explain our inventions to the class and then to the Dragons in Dragons Den!!

The Inventor of the Week will be given a prize!!


  1. Were about to do are proto types im so exited

    from cameron and zoe

  2. Wow Year 5! Sounds exciting - would love to see what inventions you come up with. Perhaps you can come and share your ideas with Reception.
    It would be great if you could invent a marking machine for teachers...or perhaps a sun ray machine so no more wet playtimes!
    Good luck,from Miss Hailey.

  3. We've made models of our own inventions and explained how they work.Today we are going to vidio our explanations.
    Stephen and Bethan

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    1. Ha Ha. Love this!Poor William - he is tougher than this though!

  5. wow boys that is great i would love to see what happens next that blu my mind of my head if that can even happen i knew that malachi was in this because it is something to do with football!!!!

    from olivia

  6. It looks like a fun day we have been doing maths to see more about it go to www.ashclass2012/

  7. I loved that week it was really fun especially when we made are machines it was the best week ever.