Tuesday, 6 November 2012

We are problem solvers!

Today we planned our trip to Carding Mill Valley in Maths - we found it challenging fitting in all the activities we need to do but really enjoyed it. We are able to calculate time intervals now using a timeline!
We also played football in PE which was fun...........but muddy!

Welcome back Cameron too! You have been missed.


  1. We all enjoyed planning our trip to Carding, Mill Valley we are really excited, and wish it could happen on friday. From natasha jessica, zoe

  2. P.E was brillent we played king of the ring.
    I loved it but we did't win.
    Cameron and Zoe

  3. Yeh Cameron We Did Miss You Well The Whole Class Did Well We All Hope The Cards Were Great.

  4. I have been ill for three days I really wish I could be at school on Friday and iprobly will. Be yayyyy I actually miss all of you and it's boring at home all you do is stay in your bed and at the end of when school ends u can do your own things but not that much but imon the blog because my dad said only this once from natasha

    1. Holl Replied: I miss U, Hope U Get Better Soon.

      Jess Asked: Sorry U Messsed Up Ur Early Bird. I Might Bring It To You This WeekEnd.MISS U LOTS :).

      Zo Answered Back: The Whole Class Really Miss U, Hope U Come In To School Monday. All Our Hearts Are Relying On U. MISS U LOTS.

      Olivia said: miss u lots not being in our class sorry about the early bird mess up you might of messed up our Attendance but we are not mad at u hope u get better soon

      from the girls
      ps:miss u a lot miss ur place where missing u not being not being in our class sorry get well soon

  5. Hopefully you will be back Tash! If not I will get some homework for you!

  6. This Is My Home Work And Extra. I Haven't Finished My Maths Home Work I Will Finish It Off Tomorrow After Noon A tMy House So I Will Be Able To Comment On Your Blog So Here It Is.
    English: Can Your Describe Your Own Fantasy World?
    See: Castles, Boarders, Houses, Wardrobes, Bedrooms, Gold.
    Hear: Birds Tweeting, People Singing, Trees Clattering, People Shouting, Birds Screeching, Trees Screaming.
    Smell: Sweets, Chocolate, Leaves, Trees, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Fields, Crisps.
    1) Why Is Nathan “Burning With Anticipation”?
    B) He Can’t Wait To Get His Birthday Present.
    2) Nathan’s Father Tells Him He Doesn’t Want Him Rotting His Brain Playing Games Because?
    C) Nathan Has Been Playing Too Much Games Lately.
    3) Pursuits Mean?
    B) Skills.
    4) Nathan First Hears About The Game?
    B) When His Father Tells Him About It.
    5) Why Do You Think The Narrator Remarks That The Copy Of The Game Nathan’s Father Gives Him Is Better Than One That Was In The Shop?
    B) It Is More Special Since It Used To Belong To Nathan’s Father.

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