Thursday, 6 December 2012

100 word challenge chardonnay and faith

One morning  when the street was silent, the breeze was hitting the trees  and the leaves were falling however it was autamn.There was a little girl  called Lexi who was looking out of the window she saw
a present wich was coverd with purple wrapping paperand and  a red  ribben standed out.
she sprinted ansesy whated to know wat was in side.She exsidedly opend  the door there it was Lexi's parsle she bent dawn and ripped the box lid of.......there it was the wrong present that she was dreaming of but it was just a teddy but all that she knew was that it was real it was,a brown,firey puppy.ivenlow it was just a lovly teddy she keped it.....suddenly in the morning  she eard a strange noice.she jumped  with frite.there it was the tiney teddy was really a puppy Lexi tummbald over her shoe.''ahhhh your so cute im keeping you forever''said lexi
                                                              the end

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