Monday, 14 January 2013

Homework this week


  1. spellings: pizza, buffalo, echo, bacteria, bananas, torpedo, umbrella, heroes, kangaroo, spaghetti, buffaloes, echoes, bananas, torpedoes, kangaroos.

    How many zions and how many zepts were there? zions:3n zepts:6 . worked on paper

    Do you think there are any other amnswers? no because thats the only one i could work out.

    Times tables:
    12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144

    of to read!!

  2. Great work Jack. We will see what other people get! Keep it up!


  3. English:

    dear newdale nuisance,
    I am writing to tell you about how anoyed i am with you!!
    You terrarised are classroom, locked us out our own class you even made us loose are break time.You also made us think that you caputerd miss mann.

    I feel like you have tried to kill YR 5 the last few weeks, so i think it is only fair if the super YR5 get you back. So here's a warning mister. you better watch your back or the YR5 will bring it on and take you down NN!!!

    We all have superpowers that are different like I myself have a titanieum suit than can punch through wall and it can also make me fly, or my freind sprinter who can run faster then a BAC mono. But my other friend flash kinded of broke is ankle but still?

    So now you now how we feel and hophly i've changed your mind.

    from titan terrific/tonyredman/jack

    reading comprhension:
    1) a.summer project can be fun
    2) c.115
    3) b.The total length of all sides of a shape
    4) c.They want to able to play basketball at school
    5) c.bored

    gonna play on tekkit then have tee then read then goto bed to get up for siecnce.

  4. 25.1.13 Homework

    i am reading the witches

    this book is about a litle boy who finds out
    witches really do excist.
    He goes on holiday with his nan to a country hotel, where he finds out all the witches in england have come to meet, the witches are plotting to get rid of all the children in england so he and his nan decide to try and stop them along with a friend he meets called bruno.

    by cameron price

  5. Once there was a boy called Jack his mom (Kelly)was making his favorite,sunday dinner.

    His mouth filled with water and he licked his lips with excitement.He watched the oven caustiously hoping it would be done soon. By the time it was finshed it was 5:30. Jack's mom mubled "lay the table darling!" as she rooted through the cuboards.
    "Is that everything mom?" he replied
    "OH NO, we're out of mint sauce!" she cried. and they all knew it was to late to got to the shops.

    Then jack had an idea, to go to his grandad's because yesterday he had gone to his grandad's and remembered seeing mint sauce in the fridge (beccause he was routing around).So then Jack reinforced "I know I'll nip to gradad's to get his,"
    "ALRIGHT!" She screamed.

    So jack took his bike and phone over to his grandads as fast as he could.When he typed the code in to the lock he rapidly grabbed the key. Then he plunged it into the door. He crept in silently to notice it was on the side then again he rapidly grabbed it. He sprinted out the door whilst elly (the dog) was chasing him. But he just slammed the door, so she couldnt escape. While he was locking the door the key got stuck. So he rang his Dad to say that the key was jammed in. "Don't worry, ill be right round" said his dad.
    He soon appeared with some pliers to rescue the key, while jack rode is bike back home with the mint sauce.

    When jack arrived home dad turned out to be there because he took a short cut through the woods. His dad had renched the keys out with the pliers. After the eventful afternoon they could enjoy their lovely diner (especially jack).

  6. I have not got any comprehension cards so I am doing an online one I am stuck with Maths

    From molly

    1. Don't worry Molly just try your best. You are just reflecting the shape, the mirror line is just where you could fold it to get the exact same shape.