Monday, 14 January 2013

MAD Science week!!!

This week is mad science week! Experiments are our middle names at school this week.We are all excited to be included this week. Everyone is wondering about what we are going to be doing.
 But thats not all, tommorow's MAD Scientest day. A day where we get to dress up as a mad scientist. Im goimg to bring to in my plasma ball . A mad scientist is going to come in and do some exiciting experiments (I hope a bomb doesn't go off in my face)
Still the fun doesn't stop there! On Thursday year 5 and 2 are going to enginuity for the afternoon!
By Cameron and Jessica

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  1. the MAD scientest day was FABULOUS a mad scientest came in and she set the alarm off on the fire alarm it was really fun day i cant wait until the rest of the week
    from molly S-L