Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Half Term

We have settled in well! We are currently the SMART CUP Champions!

We are looking forward to our treat tomorrow and are pleased that our new girl, Alysha has settled in really well!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Fun in the snow!

100 word challenge - Molly, Luke and Olivia

It was Tuesday morning Mom flipped the pancake up but all of a sudden ... I spotted the Redhill family arriving for pancake day.Suddenly the youngest child started going a bit tanned,his ear curved in he started to go a bit dizzy he started to hover POP BANG BOOM! All the family turend into PANCAKES.They all had different toping on top of their heads STRAWBERRIES,GRAPES,BLACKBERRY,LEMON JUICE , HONEY AND SIRUP.The wizzard from next door came  over he did a spell to get them back it went" come back come back" the wizzard shouted They all came back in one piece.

100 word challenge - Alex, Ste and Dom

Mum flipped the pancake up but as Mum flipped it tuned into a evil super man but he flew out of the window and making the city turn to pancake world and  he was the pancake king and my famly were pancake slaves. And we hato seave pancaces to him people hato live in pancake buildings and houses as people saw cares going to pancake.Car park   and they were pancakes too it was scary  I had too go too pancake school and pancake colege   my Dad was sick of it he was so angry.But I coudnt change it  t hought.

100 word challenge - Jessica and Natasha

Mum flipped the pancake up but  the pancake stuck on the ceiling and when Dad walked into the room the pancake fell  on Dad.
"Why was there a pancake on the ceiling?,"Dad shouted
"I'll make you another one instead,"replied Mom . She made one more pancake,she put all of the ingredients in the huge, shiny bowl and stired it all up together.
" Mum are you certain this pancake wont stick on to the ceiling this time?" asked Chloe.
Mum flipped the pancake  BUT  it stuck back on the ceiling.
After ten minates they realised it wasn't pancake day.

100 word challenge - Jacob and Jamie

My mom flipped the pancake up but pancake the turned out to be a  monster,it was terrifying.It ran and koncked me over with incredible strength,It was shaped like a LION...But 5 metres bigger it was crazy.It knocked me and my mum of are feet the thing was mad, it made a rampage of upstairs,that my mum had just tidied up. "oh no!" screamed my mom she had tidied evrey thing up and my baby brother had wreckedwinter morning mum  flipped the pancake up and then it turned into a huge giant pancake .Then my brother jumped upand ate it!!!

100 word challenge ~ Cameron

Mum flipped the pancake up, but this was no ordinary pancakes, they were Mom's special . It was strange, my first pancake.
When I ate it a mysterious thing happend.
A beam of light filled my eyes, echoes ran through me I got a shiver down my back ,I felt nouises.I reached out for someone.Suddenly a prickaly object appered out of no were I didn't know what the  were.I opened my eyes.Regardless of the dangers of the things that awaited me.
Out of nowere snow drifted to the ground.They were tears from an angel.The prickly obgect was a bush.

100 word challenge - William, Callum, Jack.

I was in the kitchen minding my own buisness, but suddendly my mum came bursting through the door demanding"It's pancake day!"
"Alright Mum, keep your hair on," Bert replied.

After that Bert's mum flipped the pancake up but then it hit the roof and a pancake monster appeard on the floor.
"I am going to eat your pancake hahahahahahaha"screamed  the monster.
The monster sprinted in to action. Bert and his Mum sprinted out of there door screaming there heads of. Just then are best nabour brought out his knife and he cut the pancake monster in to a half .

100 word challenge - Phoebe

I was getting ready
for the jewel club party meeting.  Mum was making pancakes. She flipped a pancake in the air but it got stuck to the ceiling and it would not come down.  The club members arrived.  Hannah, the deputy boss, my advisor was in the kitchen when suddenly the pancake fell on her head and we all laughed, including Hannah.  Next we talked about our jewel collections and we ate some fairy cakes and pancakes.  Hannah called them flying pancakes!  After our snack we got down to business. Each picked a crystal or jewel and we started  playing. 

100 word challenge - Emily - Jayne

Mum flipped the pancake up but however when she did something happend, the pancake was so thick and tough it broke the roof of the kitchen .The worse thing was that it had fell on me, "OWWWWWWWWWW"!as it fell on me with a hard smash . When my mom checked if I was alright, I was not.I was completely swashed under the roof with my face flat on the floor.becuse of that happernining i ended up going to hospital ."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!. As for that my mom had to get a compony to fix the roof.

100 word challenge - Zoe,Bethan and Holly

It was Pancake Day and we were just about to eat pancakes. Mum flipped the pancakes up but it landed on the ceiling. CRASH! The ceiling fell down...
We all stared at the ceiling that lay by our feet. We looked at the pancake. Suddenly there was a grumbling noise. It got louder and LOUDER UNTIL...
ROOAAARR!!!!!! The pancake rose up! It had vicious teeth.
We all glared at the monster. It threw chairs and smashed them out the window. BOOM!!!!
A minute later we flipped pancakes at the evil monster and it melted into a pancake puddle!!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

E Safety Day

E Safety is important.
Make sure you ONLY go on websites that are suitable for your age!
If you don't follow the rules and keep safe you might get bullied and that wouldn't be nice.

1. If a virus occures, always tell an adult you trust to come and sort it out. (DONT CLOSE IT)!!!!!!!
2. Keep all your personal infomation secret.
3. If any mean messages are sent to you click the Ce-op button on our blog!
4. Never be friends with someone you don't know!
5. Be polite to people on the internet and then they will be nice back to you.

You always need to stay safe on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tash and Beth!!!!!!

Friday, 1 February 2013

I pads

We got the ipads out yesterday!!!
Everyone had lots of fun playing on games, waching videos and taking pictures!
 We can't wait to go on them again!!!!!!!!!!!!