Monday, 11 February 2013

100 word challenge ~ Cameron

Mum flipped the pancake up, but this was no ordinary pancakes, they were Mom's special . It was strange, my first pancake.
When I ate it a mysterious thing happend.
A beam of light filled my eyes, echoes ran through me I got a shiver down my back ,I felt nouises.I reached out for someone.Suddenly a prickaly object appered out of no were I didn't know what the  were.I opened my eyes.Regardless of the dangers of the things that awaited me.
Out of nowere snow drifted to the ground.They were tears from an angel.The prickly obgect was a bush.


  1. Brillent Cameron I loved the part when you said.They were tears from an angel.

  2. Hello Cameron,
    What strange pancakes, I hope you had some different ones on pancake day. You built up the mystery well. I love your image '...snow drifted to the ground.They were tears from an angel...'
    Mrs Fairburn (Team 100WC)