Monday, 11 February 2013

100 word challenge - Jessica and Natasha

Mum flipped the pancake up but  the pancake stuck on the ceiling and when Dad walked into the room the pancake fell  on Dad.
"Why was there a pancake on the ceiling?,"Dad shouted
"I'll make you another one instead,"replied Mom . She made one more pancake,she put all of the ingredients in the huge, shiny bowl and stired it all up together.
" Mum are you certain this pancake wont stick on to the ceiling this time?" asked Chloe.
Mum flipped the pancake  BUT  it stuck back on the ceiling.
After ten minates they realised it wasn't pancake day.


  1. Well done girls, I'll be carefull when I toss the pancakes tomorrow on pancake day, yum yum!

    Jessicas mum

  2. You have punctuated speech accurately girls. I was interested to read your story.

    Carol,Year 3 Teacher from Devon

  3. This is a really funny piece of writing, especially as at the end it isn't even pancake day! You have used speech to good effect here, which is well punctuated. Good work Jessica and Natasha!

    Vic Team 100wc

  4. well done you two i like your speech.the best bit is when she said it was not relly pankcake day;] o and hi mr Aiston

    from luke(tashs brother) ;]