Monday, 11 February 2013

100 word challenge - Molly, Luke and Olivia

It was Tuesday morning Mom flipped the pancake up but all of a sudden ... I spotted the Redhill family arriving for pancake day.Suddenly the youngest child started going a bit tanned,his ear curved in he started to go a bit dizzy he started to hover POP BANG BOOM! All the family turend into PANCAKES.They all had different toping on top of their heads STRAWBERRIES,GRAPES,BLACKBERRY,LEMON JUICE , HONEY AND SIRUP.The wizzard from next door came  over he did a spell to get them back it went" come back come back" the wizzard shouted They all came back in one piece.


  1. Well done , it sounds a tasty story

  2. Hellp Molly, Luke and Olivia. You have written a very entertaining story between you. I liked the use of onomatopoeia, and I thought you used a good variety of punctuation and openers. DOn't forget that when you use speech marks, the first word inside the speech marks has a capital letter.

  3. Fab story !!!!

    Molly's mom

  4. I love this story Luke , Molly and Olivia

    From Emily from HLC