Monday, 25 March 2013

100 word challenge Jessica and Natasha

When I woke up in the night my tummy started to rumble, so I walked quietly down the creaky stairs and looked inside  the fridge.But there was nothing! I looked everywhere but there was still nothing.But there was one place I knew I would find what I'm looking Dad's secret stash of chocolates.

I sneaked slowly towards it. When I got there all of the chocolates . Looking at all that chocolate sure made me hungry. But as I reached out my arm to get the chocolates.Dad came down. "OHHHH NOOOO!"
"What did you do?"...


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  2. I really liked are story it was funny it has even made me laugh.


  3. I loved this story! Well done Jess and Natasha.

    (Jessica's)Aunty Al

  4. This story is so cool!

    jess c