Monday, 25 March 2013

Alysha 100 word challenge

Lucy ran towards the corner shop and flung the door open. She couldn't resist the taste of the Rocko Choco bar. She ran down the sweets isle and picked up the delicious chocolate bar. Her mouth was watering as she was looking at all that choclate.
”Mmmm…sorry Mary I can’t go the hole day without having my daily Rocco Choco bar” said Lucy.
“Oh I doesn’t matter Lucy come here then, that will be  20p; thank you”. Lucy ran to the door and shouted” thank you Mary”. Lucy skipped home, gosh I do like chocolate  she muttered to herself.



  1. Wowee Alysha, there are some really good use of descriptive words in here, 99 words way to go !

  2. Great use of verbs Alysha. You made this really interesting for us to read.