Monday, 4 March 2013

Today's work, Jack and William

Today in literacy we worked on the ipads, we went round some of the classes to find out the answers to some questions. The questions were closed and opened. A closed questiouns is a undescriptive answer.A opened question is a quite descriptive answer.

Miss Cook sent us an email and it told us to ask the classes questions like, have you used the ipads ?
Or ,what apps do you use ?

Then we went to go an ask all the school these questions to all the yr's what they think. We put it into a tally chart then for maths we put it in to duffrent charts like thames put it into a bar chart, nile and amazon did a comparative bar graph. Mississippi and Ganges did a pie chart. Then we wrote down all are our findings.

Tommorow we will do more fun work!!


  1. Sad I missed that.

    Cameron Price

  2. WELL DONE you done well keep up the good work