Tuesday, 12 March 2013

william,jamie, What we did today 12/03/13

Today in literacy we were writing newspaper report,It was about the I-pads becouse most of the teachers don't know where they are kept and some don't know how to use them!.So we decided to do a report about them to show how much easier they are.

Today in maths we were working on mass,which is weight, we were measuring the weight of stuff.it was tricky well for some of us.we were babies,not real ones of course.


  1. we did leters for litrcy and it was amazing

  2. Hello Mr Aiston I Am Back On The Blog. We Still Need To Put Alysha On The The Meet My Class Bit. And We Really Want To Take Our Photos On The I-pads So We Get Really Wierd Photos On The Blog.

  3. Hi I cant wait until I go to Alton Towers with Jack and Tom

    From Jamie

  4. Hey guys it's easter tomorrow Yay

    Happy easter

    from Jamie