Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Holidays

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! When we come back we will be looking at Survival and exploring different habitats! Will definitely be fun!


  1. mr aiston i was getting bored with out my friends at school but then me and stephanie decided to meet up yay !!!!! Also i was getting bored on tuesday so i decided to flick through the tv channels on my tv and then i came other yhe channel watch and bear grylls was on and it was really good

    from olivia :)

    ps: the program was COOL :P

    1. Olivia me and my dad think bear grylls is cool
      From Madeleine Aiston

  2. on the first Wednesday I went to Cornwall (St ives) on Friday I went to haven park dean.

  3. That was Jessica.

  4. The holiday is cool because you can do no school work and we can play football with your friends.

    From tom and natasha