Friday, 17 May 2013

Chance to Shine!

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  1. I trudged wearily… desperately searching for that one thing. I haven’t sore what I am searching for yet. But I know that I still haven’t found it. The earth is gigantic. Iv been on this planet for 127.35 human years and iv still had no look. Despite being tired, I still carried on.
    Two years later still no look. My legs were getting tired. Also my feet were starting to ache. Suddenly I saw it, the this that iv been looking for a living plant. I walked over to the plant. I picked up the plant and I quickly climbed to the highest altitude. So I climbed and I still didn’t drop the plant.
    I was half way and I was determined to reach the top without falling. Suddenly I miss placed my foot, I started to fall “help me!” CHRASH BANG BOOM!! I fell to the floor. Despite the agony I felt, I had to start climbing again. I quickly pulled my back up. It felt great to reach the top. I didn’t thing that I could do it but I did. In side I felt fabulous in side. I planted the plant on top of the big stone and it started to grow.
    I fell to the floor. I was really really tired because I went on a wide adventure. My programmer got all of my memories and got me back on to the ship.


  2. Desperately searching, for that one thing. Tana was the last thing on earth. He trudged wearily, until he could find that one and only plant. The earth was collapsing, and there was only one thing on earth that would save everything and that was the Pine plant. Despite his aching legs he carried on hunting. It had been 127.35 years since the last person was on earth. Whether or not he got tired, he never gave up.
    1 year later he still had no luck. During his journey he collapsed a few times, but he was determined to fight to get the earth back. However hard he tried times were still tough.
    He was slowing down and the very last step led his eyes to glory. Tana saw the Pine plant, he was so relived . “the mountain beside id high enough” he muttered to himself. So off he went to climb the mountain.
    Once Tana had nearly reached the top, he started to shake and he slipped! Luckily enough he managed to keep his grip. When he was at the top he was half asleep because the mountain was too high. Suddenly he dropped the plant , and Tana fell into a deep sleep.
    Whilst he was asleep the plant grew into a beautiful Pine tree. After5 years Tana still hadn’t woke up, and the earth had turned into a living earth, and all the rocks had disappeared.
    Suddenly Tana’s eyes became wide open, and he couldn’t believe it the trick had actually worked. He rushed to his feet and danced around with glee, but sadly it all ended there for Tana…

    By Alysha

  3. Slowly trudging. Desperately searching , all for that one little thing. Jack wasn’t yet sure what is was yet, But he knew he still hadn’t found it, Jack started to fall to his knees because he was out of breath. Jack was there for two minutes until he recovered. Jack got back up and continued on, Jack walked for miles non stop
    Suddenly out of nowhere Jack found a plant! This was all he needed ,Even though he the plant, meanwhile he needed a place to plant it, Jack trudged slowly he was literally ,He tip toed slowly over to grab the plant and then set off to find a place to plant the small little plant. Jack had lasted 152.77 human years on earth. Whilst he was walking to find a place to plant it, Never the less Jack was tired out.
    Jack received a message from his creator saying “ Once you have found it go plant it on the highest part of the world” . Jack started to run quickly Suddenly he started to run out of battery energy so Jack sat down for a little while until his battery energy had started to refill ,Jack got his energy back and he jumped up on to his feet and quickly walked along , Jack faced the mountain and started to climb he was few metres in the air and slowly fell back onto the cold floor.
    Jack grabbed onto the mountain and started to pull himself up, He got higher and higher as he too k each step , Jack surprisingly reached the top.
    Jack walked over to the perfect spot and put the plant in the ground suddenly his computer broke down.

    By Jamie

  4. Trudging wearily… Desperately searching up and down; for that one thing. Tana wasn’t sure what it was yet but he knew he still hadn’t found it. The weight of the future, as we know it, rested on the last robot alive. Tana had existed for 2.5 thousand years on Planet Earth and his time was nearly up! He was sent down from his creator to find one last spark of something living, something so incredible it could bring back human life! Tana had the computerised programming to start up life for the second time on Planet Earth…
    Stumbling weakly, Tana skimmed the dry earth for a spark of life. High, sandy cliffs towered around him, a blazing hot sun beating fiercely onto his back. However hard he tried, he couldn’t see a speck of life anywhere; just miles of sizzling hot sand. Tana was about to slump off and sit on a dusty rock when he sore it! Bursting through the bare ground was an amazing but tiny bud. It had fresh green leaves and a long stalk. “Could this really be it?” He asked himself cautiously, “Have I found it?”
    Gleefully, Tana skipped along towards a cliff, grasping the seed courageously in his metal hands. However a sudden thought struck his mind. “Where am I going to plant it?” He gazed anxiously up at the highest sandy cliff. “I must get up there!” he thought to himself. Clasping a plant in one hand, he began to pull himself up with the other. Higher and higher he climbed, every bit of strength he had was used to haul himself a further step. He was fine, until…
    Before he knew, Tana had let go off the cliff!
    A river of sweat ran down his sticky hands, his heart thumping so fast he thought it would jump out of his metal chest. His fingers suddenly began to slip. “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Tana felt himself falling; faster and faster until… CLUNK!!!
    He just managed to grab hold of a sharp slice of rock before he fell to his doom. Bravely, he began to carry on. “I will not stop until I reach the top!” Tana muttered determinedly. Nervously, he reached up and grabbed onto something rough and pulled himself up. He did it again and again getting higher and higher until…. Finally, Lana’s quaky hand scrapped across the top of the cliff. He plodded wearily towards a patch of soil; the only patch left on the planet! Weakly, he made his last move.
    Gently, he scraped away some soil to revel a small hole. He placed the plant carefully into the ground. As soon as he had done this…Tana collapsed and landed gracefully onto the sizzling hot sand.

    By Bethan

  5. Some fabulos writing! Very proud!

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