Friday, 10 May 2013

what we did today -

In literacy we did chance to shine about a ghost story it was very fun, we could either write a story of it or do a poem of it and i (Alysha) did a poem and i (Jamie) did a ghost story. In P.E. we did athletics, and Jamies team won the relay race twice and my team/emily-jaynes team came 2nd twice it was also very fun. In star of the week assembley Jessica got it from our class and the star of the week teacher this week was OUR TEACHER! well done Mr.Aiston.

By Jamie and Alysha


  1. Hi Year Five!!

    Wow it sounds like you have been amazingly busy - I can't wait to catch up with all your hard work when I get back.

    I have been telling my year 1 and 2 children all about you and they have been trying hard to make their work as good as yours!! They are not quite there yet though...

    Keep up the hard work and see you all soon,

    Mrs Mann.

  2. P.S Well done Mr Aiston on your Star of the Week award!!!