Friday, 28 June 2013

What we did today! Jack and Jamie

Today we did math first and in maths we did our mental maths test as well as our speed tables. We had the Yr 6 girls and they did it with us ; Then we did literacy and we rather had to write a letter or a newpaper, but you could also write the story of Robinson Crusoe then it was lunch. After we went to star of the week assembly, mrs Stanley left today. Some people were crying. After that we did skeckting of Robinson Crusoe's island.

from Jack and Jamie.


  1. i finally beat bethan with my speed times tabels. also i beat a year10 because i got 3:01 the year 10 got 3:16 and bethan got 3:04.

    ps: i really proud of my self

  2. Very good peace of wrieting.