Wednesday, 10 July 2013

race for life

We have taken part in the 'Race for Life'. The whole school have raised money for the people with cancer .Cancer is a serious disease that needs be stopped immediately!!!!We have been researching about the different tipes of cancer.

Did you know there is over 200 types of cancer.There are 1000s of people told every day that they have cancer.Some will be lucky others won't.


From Cameron,and Emily-jayne

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Welcome to Miyoan

We have a new boy who started today. Will be a great addition to the class! Welcome Miyoan!

Today in literacy we looked around the playground for clues about Fredrick (an archaeologist) which would then help us write a diary extract about two of his journeys looking for Aztec ruins.

In science we were looking at parallel circuits.We found out that if you cut a wire next to a light bulb it will turn but the ones behind will stay on; also, if you put a knot in the wire the electricity will still go threw it, to the bulb.

Monday, 1 July 2013

What we did today

Today in muisic we went on the ipads and we went on a app called garage band, were you can play all sorts of instruments. Also we got to make songs.But if you go on apple loop there are some muisic and instruments for you  to listen to and to put  in to your peace of muisic.They also provide they're own peace of muisic with that sertan instrument.They have abuot ten diffrent instruments on there to play with. Also we did maths were we had to do our own subtracting questions.

                                                      From Tom and William