Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Today in literacy we looked around the playground for clues about Fredrick (an archaeologist) which would then help us write a diary extract about two of his journeys looking for Aztec ruins.

In science we were looking at parallel circuits.We found out that if you cut a wire next to a light bulb it will turn but the ones behind will stay on; also, if you put a knot in the wire the electricity will still go threw it, to the bulb.


  1. today in class mr aiston recieved a mystery scroll with a key on that scroll was a clue to some treasure heres clue number 2 ......

    there may be a few of us from your class
    working on a project that has been a blast
    the treasure you seek
    please dont be wary
    we promise mr aiston
    its nothing scary

  2. Mr aiston please could you have a dvd player ready in the morning as you will be receiving your treasure

    Thank you

    from your year 5 class