Tuesday, 26 November 2013


We have been given the chance to watch girls football for free. Lots of pupils from our class have gone. They are visiting Telford Stadium for almost the whole day today.

Yesterday we did algebra in maths. It was sooooooooo fun! We did a bit on understanding what the letters mean in algebra. We only did it with the letter 'n' but it was fun anyway.

26 what we did today

Today we did English 

We did a maths paper well we marked it with mr aiston

Monday, 25 November 2013

Tricky algebra dramatic acting and wounderous music.

Today we had a brilliant time we did algebra tricky for some of us this was the fist ever  time we did algebra, even the smarty pants(and you know who you are)struggled abit.We had to do circle add triangle equals 25.
We also did drama were we acted out are playscripts
"Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth"Alittle acting for you .We all made a play script of Macbeth.
Finnaly we did music with mr wilcox were we made our own version of 12 days of chistmas.

Romeo and Juliet licteracy home work

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


In literacy, at the moment, we are writing our own scripts for Macbeth. Some of use are doing Macbeth with a twist, and others are writing the normal Macbeth- in a script.

A couple of days ago we did a poem for The Witches. We did-in the first paragraph- the ingredients for the brew. In the second paragraph we wrote how the witches mix it, and the third paragraph was about the effects of the potion. the chorus went:

Double, double toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Round and round the cauldron we go,
In the poison'd entails we throw.
(evil cackle)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


We are doing William Shakespeare and Wind In The Willows in literacy. At the moment we are working on Macbeth-Shakespeare wise- and things to do with Toads car- Wind In The Willows wise. We are designing a new, more safe car for Toad, sending a persuasive letter to him to persuade him to give up motorcars and A Toads Guide To The Safety Code.

What we did in literacy

This morning we have been doing literacy and numeracy,it was great fun. In literacy we rewrote our wind in the willows piece of writing to go on display.Most of the children in our class desighned a new car for Toad to keep him out of trouble.Then we wrote about what these amazing features would do to keep him and everyone around him safe. One of my saftey features was Bouncy bumpers so if Toad bumps into any objects youll   bounce of and get out of the situation. Overall i found it very fun to write, as i got to use my imagination.

Maths Today

This morning we have been doing maths. We are doing converting and estimating. We had lots of objects on our tables and we had to guess how much they wieghed, then we found out the actual wieght and calculated the difference between them. Mr. Aiston wrote some measurements (in millilitres, grams and metres) and we had to convert them into bigger or smaller measurements.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wind in the Willows production

Tomorrow we are watching Wind in the Willows- we will let you know what we think of it!